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Getting Started with Online HW

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1) Find your Textbook Code

There are THREE different kinds of codes:

The Textbook code comes with the DVD-rom, and lets you unlock your textbook online. The optional Classroom code comes from your teacher. You use this code to join your teacher's classroom, where you can see your classmates. The Exercise Completion code is the number you get at the end of each exercise. You write it in your homework book like usual. Only the textbook code is needed to start your Online Homework.

**What if your DVD-rom doesn't come with a Textbook Code?**
Email with the following information:

Then we will verify and email you a code.

2) Create an account

On the top right corner of any page, click Create Account, then click "Create Student Account".

Put in information:

3) Start your homework

Okay, you've created your account. First, click on "My Account."

Now you're at this page: (We recommend you create a bookmark.)

After you click on the textbook link, you go to the train screen:

The first time you load will take a while because we have to load all of the fonts.

You can also download and log in from the iPad App.

Have a problem?

First check out Student Help. If the answer is not there--

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